Google Calendar integration

Improve scheduling workflow, based around Google Calendar

An ideal solution to three common service management and scheduling challenges.

1) “Find a time” to schedule activity across multiple resources

Provides a simple Google Calendar dashboard for staff to visualize scheduling opportunities and complications across the team.

Turn this

Google calendar scheduling

Into this

Google calendar scheduling

The taps …

1) Add event

Google calendar scheduling

2) Open "find a time"

Google calendar scheduling

3) Event saved in Google

Google calendar scheduling

The Google Calendar dashboard is designed to handle critical workflows. Responsible staff are automatically notified. Updates are real-time and reliable. Count on it.

2) Access service records directly within Google Calendar

Access important information behind an event, or reminder, via the direct-to-Solve link.

Google calendar scheduling

Solve makes it drastically easier for field staff to contribute and improve service while keeping their workflow primarily focused around Google Calendar. Some examples include …

View history

Understand customer
Google calendar scheduling

Complete work

Instruct and track activity
Google calendar scheduling

Capture on-site photos

Catalogue proof-of-work
Google calendar scheduling

3) Pulling event history together across all calendars

Solve automatically organizes Google events from across the entire domain into a single view for each contact, job, property, case or similar. Shown perfectly inline with every linked email, phone call and other interaction on the record; presenting a complete, convenient, centralized history.

Google calendar scheduling

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These exciting Google Calendar features work with any G Suite or Gmail account.

In Google

Ensure other calendar(s) are shared to you
Google calendar scheduling

In Solve

Verify the calendar(s) are linked
Google calendar scheduling

When linking a team member’s personal Google calendar the calendar name in Solve may appear as their email address. To change that, simply change the calendar name under Google Calendar settings (you can re-update with the original value again after if you please). The key is to simply force-update the entry once.

Google Calendar best practice

While naturally staff would share their personal calendar, be mindful that Google skips sending instant notifications for updates on personal calendars e.g. when a scheduler adds a new event.

As a result, Solve recommends Google admins create a designated shared calendar for each team member, granting “see all event details” permission to general team members, and “make changes” permission to all schedulers. This ensures set-up is centralized and each team member has the option to receive instant notifications when their calendar is updated.

Designated shared calendars are also a robust solution when staff need to schedule resources like equipment, vehicles, facilities, etc.

“Find a time” bonuses

Easily refine a scheduling window by setting which calendars, days-of-week and hours-of-day are shown.

Google calendar scheduling
Google calendar scheduling

Tap to get the detail behind any particular resource’s day.

Google calendar scheduling
Google calendar scheduling

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